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London Airport

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London Airport

Published 1949

The story of a great engineering feat - the building, at Heathrow, of one of the largest airports in the world.April 1944 Great Western Aerodrome started its transformation from a privately owned small grass airfield to Heathrow. One of the worlds busiest airports. Londons main civil airport replacing Croydon Airport.

The airport opened fully for civilian use on 31 May 1946. London Heathrow International Airport's one terminal was in fact an army surplus tent situated a short walk from the aircraft.

Run time 9 Minutes 29 Seconds
Production Company Crown Film Unit
Sponsor Central Office of Information for Ministry of Civil Aviation
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Public Information Films


Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 10, 2008
Slightly strange overview of Heathrow (which was the name of the land used by Villagers), which was then called London Airport and all it's services. We learn that the airport transport "Men And Cargo" which is a pretty harsh term to use for women if you ask me. Anyways, the building of this airport is shown.. I'm pretty sure a lot of it is stock footage which had nothing to do with the airport, but never mind that. Soon, the airport which was going to be used "to finish off the Japs!" is finished! Huzzah!
Reviewer: movieman - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 27, 2005
Subject: Looked different in those days
Having been through Heathrow numerous times, it was odd to see how it looked a few decades ago: about the only similarity is the runway arrangement (and the runways back then looked pretty scary compared to the ones they have today!). I never realised it was built on farmland, today it's so built-up that it's hard to imagine being any different.
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